Portrait of the nanoTruck

The nanoTruck – the star attraction of the “nanoTruck – Meeting Place Nanoworlds” information campaign.

Getting nanotechnology out of the laboratories and giving the general public an opportunity to become acquainted with this promising field of technology at an early stage – this is the ultimate goal which the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is pursuing with its initiative : “nanoTruck – Meeting Place Nanoworlds”. But what is the best way to reach as many people as possible all over Germany? And how can the complex world of nanotechnology be best explained in an interesting, informative and concise way? The answer to these questions is the nanoTruck, an exhibition and communications centre on wheels, which presents nanotechnology live on two levels.

Innenansicht des Untergeschosses im nanoTruck
Nanotechnologie interaktiv erleben im nanoTruck

Once inside the nanoTruck, visitors are immersed in the world of the most minute material structures, presented at seven stations with a wide range of “hands-on” applications and projects. The presentations are closely connected with the living and working worlds of modern societies and include a lot of different examples of production methods and processes from such fields as medicine, energy, the environment, information and communications, lighting technology, and mobility. Large-format plasma screens, wall charts and multimedia terminals flank the extensive display of more than 70 exhibits, the majority of which are interactive. The presentations, which have been developed in co-operation with research institutes, universities and companies, range from simple functional models to special installations, right up to exciting simulations. Two lab modules serve as the stage for experiments in workshops and demonstrations and illustrates practical examples of nano research – such as tiny catalysers made of titanium-dioxide nanoparticles which are able to transform a dark violet dye into a clear liquid.

Innenansicht des Obergeschosses im nanoTruck
Das Obergeschoss des nanoTrucks: Kino und mehr

A multifunctional event room on the upper level is equipped with a large screen for film showings, information terminals and additional exhibits to provide an interdisciplinary discussion forum for visitors, scientific staff on board the truck and experts from different fields. This forum features presentations and dialogue events specifically designed to encourage people to become and remain interested in nanotechnology – with all its opportunities as well as its potential risks.