With a subscription to our RSS newsfeed you are constantly up to date on nano technology. You can obtain all current notifications about the mobile information campaign "nanoTruck – Meeting Place Nanoworlds”  quickly and easily even if you are not linked to the event website online.

How does RSS work?

RSS is a format based on XML where news can be called up, read and reprocessed independently of a platform. Special software is needed to read the RSS news feeds. In such a newsreader you will be shown the captions and short texts for our new announcements. If you are interested you can find the full text on the nanoTruck website by hyperlink.

A selection of free and commercial newsreaders:

In order to subscribe to the nanoTruck newsfeed, please enter the following URL in your newsreader: Typ RSS 2.0. You can also set the time interval to search for new messages.