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Everything about the initiative "nanoTruck - Meeting Place Nanoworlds" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project management:

VDI Technology Centre, Düsseldorf

Project agency:

Flad & Flad Communication Group, Heroldsberg

Project idea:

Nationwide dialogue about nanotechnology for all interested citizens who want to find out about the basis, application areas, development potential, opportunities and risks of this future technology. A double-decker exhibition vehicle with an interactive exhibit show, laboratory and event areas, nano-cinema and audio point are acting as a mobile rendezvous and focal point for the BMBF initiative nanoTruck.

Campaign networking:

  • Science Year 2015 – Future city
  • Series of events on the subject of nanotechnology "Citizens meet experts", BMBF
  • Jugend forscht (German youth research competition)
  • "Invent a Chip" competition, VDE and BMBF
  • "Discover natural sciences!”, Schulen ans Netz e.V. (Schools going online)
  • "Go MINT“, BMBF
  • and many more

Subject areas:

  • Nanotechnology, from small structures to the big picture
  • Nanotechnology in everyday life
  • Protecting health with nanotechnology
  • Safety and dialogue
  • Energy as a future resource
  • Nanotechnology contributions to environmental protection
  • Nanotechnology in Germany
  • Nanotechnology as a career opportunity

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Event formats and target groups:

"Experience, explore, explain nano!"
"Open day in the nanoTruck", interested public

"That's nano!"
Guided tours especially for school classes at junior and senior secondary level with scientists accompanying the project

"In the nano future laboratory"
Teaching practice in the nanoTruck laboratory under the direction of the nanoTruck scientists

"Nano! Jobs with a future"
Round table discussion for young people about to start vocational education or studies with the nanoTruck scientists and guests from science, research, industry and politics

"Info nano"
Presentations from the nanoTruck scientists and invited experts from various subject areas

"Train the trainer"
Workshops for teachers especially from the natural science and technological areas chemistry, biology, physics, etc. with the nanoTruck scientists on the subject of "Integrating nanotechnology in lessons"

"Our nano"
Idea workshops for school classes

"Reading nano"
Author readings in the nanoTruck (fiction, specialist literature, reports)

"Already heard of nano?" – impulse presentation in the nanoTruck

"Tiny worlds contest"
School pupils' competition under the patronage of the BMBF (beginning in 2012)


"Everything nano?"
– About the basis, opportunities and challenges of nanotechnology“ (60 min. including discussion)

"The BMBF nanoTruck initiative – Meeting Place Nanoworlds – contents and targets of the dialogue initiative on nanotechnology” (30 min.)

Event locations and occasions:

  • Schools
  • City and municipal centres (market squares)
  • Science parks and technology museums
  • Science nights and technology days
  • Vocational information fairs and exchanges
  • Trade fairs, sector fairs and congresses
  • Open days at universities and research centres
  • "Girls’ Days"
  • and many more

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