Training, studies and career

Nanotechnology is one of the most promising fields of research and application in modern natural sciences. The whole world is working meticulously on this. From North to South and West to East - many nations are competing for the newest discoveries in the “nanoworld”. With its excellent research and development landscape as well as more than 982 companies which are occupied with nanotechnology nationwide, Germany is very well positioned in the competition. Already today more than 60,000 work places are linked directly or indirectly to this key technology - and the number is growing. For young people that are technology enthusiasts, ambitious junior scientists and engineers this means a good chance for an exciting career path.

As the borders are often blurred in the individual special disciplines of nanotechnology, it is also described as cross sectional technology. In order to understand the structure and laws of the nanoworld, researchers are working more and more in interdisciplinary teams. Chemists, physicists, biologists, doctors, mathematicians, computer scientists, material scientists and engineers are researching and publishing together. This applies to universities and research institutions just as much as the research and development departments of small and large companies worldwide. Not only this networking between experts from various specialist areas makes the job of “nanotechnologists” so interesting. Because at the end of a research or development project, no "lonely" successes are celebrated, but rather the ideas and services of a very special troop.

As a relatively young, interdisciplinary field of technology, nanotechnology presents new requirements for education and further training, competence development and promotion of young scientists. In addition to the targeted promotion of scientific new blood through international competitions like the prize for young talent in nanotechnology by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), NanoMatFutur, and focussing career orientation more strongly on promising areas of employment, addressing young people in a targeted way is the focus of the promotion initiative of the federal government and the BMBF. To achieve this the information campaign "nanoTruck“ should make an important contribution.